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Thu Aug 16th 2018

King of Failures

Success is about learning to manage failure

The lion is considered king of the jungle, and yet most of their hunts end in failure. This should encourage us as leaders. If a lion is considered king of the jungle dispite failing constantly what does that mean for us?

Why is he still considered king?

I think it's because of his perseverance. It's not about constant success, it's about learning to deal with failure and still be ready for the next fight. If you look at a lion's face you see the scars they've accumulated from years of failure. But there they are, still in the fight.

As leaders our ability to deal with failure and problems will define our long-term success. If we can't learn to take punches and bounce back then we'll end up burning out and have a short career. Leadership is about being able to point the way and move your team forward, even in hard times. We can learn a lot from watching lions, and we can find a lot of hope in them as well.